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19 Nocturne Boulevard “When The Lamp Goes Out”

April 29, 2011

"When The Lamp Goes Out"

Written by Julie Hoverson.

A strange Polanski-like film "When the Lamp Goes Out" has turned up, out of the blue, and the guys of Uncle Skulls’ Bloody Spooky podcast get to listen to it live on their podcast. But the film has a dark history ...and perhaps a darker future.

Cast List

Nick - Jeff Schmidt

Oswald - Matthew Kister

PK - Deejay Scharton

Roy - Steve Eaton

[All of the Splattercast]


Libby - Melissa Bartell

Irina/Woman - Julie

MAN in film - James Sedgwick

Music: Kevin MacLeod


Editing and Sound: James Sedgwick of Scattered Sounds Productions

Cover Design: Brett Coulstock



"What kind of a place is it?

Why it's a private movie theater - can't you tell?"

This program is copyright 2011 by Julie Hoverson for Wheeality Productions.


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