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Unhinged Worlds Episode # 1 “A Natural Voice”

June 3, 2010

"In a world where our lives are surrounded by computers, it is always refreshing to hear a natural voice for a change"

Scattered Sounds Productions


UNHINGED WORLDS - An Anthology Series

Episode # 1: "A Natural Voice"

Written, Produced and Directed By James M. Sedgwick

Co Produced By Pammie Lyn


Julie Hoverson of "19 Nocturne Boulevard and Wheeality Productions"

Music By Kevin Mac Leod (

Sound and Mastering By jimmyjam


Please share your thoughts with us concerning our first episode. We're new at this and hope that our sound quality and production values will improve with each show. Our goal is to share our love of Audio Drama with those of you who stop by to listen to us. Peace Folks!:-)

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