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UNHINGED WORLDS Episode 4: Mike Murphy’s “The Jam”

May 13, 2011

"Paul and Liz Hewitt's normal world turns into a nightmare when they enter...The Jam"

Scattered Sounds Productions Proudly Presents


(An Anthology Series) Episode 4

"The Jam"

Written by Mike Murphy Produced by James Sedgwick

The Players

Julie Hoverson (Of Wheeality Productions) as Liz Hewitt

Reynaud LeBoeuf as Paul Hewitt

H Keith Lyons as Harry

Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard (Of Gypsy Audio) as Thelma

Joe Stofko as The Police Officer

Kim Gianopoulos as The Newscaster

Chris Barnes as The Narrator

Music by Kevin MacLeod (

The Unhinged Worlds Theme was composed and performed by David Krause

Sound Effects found at The Freesound Project

Sound and Mastering by jimmyjam.

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